Heike Kelter


My paintings are the subjective evidence into the contemplation of a place (landscape) and function (nature). The place and its function are lead by aptitude and visual decisions for a sublimated correlation of form and colour which I call “The Placement”.This idiomatic formula enables me a personal transcendence out of representation or non-representational needs.”Nature is the undeniable objective argument, where in lies all the inevitable mystery and the imagination we have.”

In their construction, the paintings hold emboldened relationships with intentionally expansive form and decisive colour. These components are stripped down. This is my inherent approach for a personal viewpoint of painting.

The development in my painting has come from a subtraction, from using recognisable image or narration, into a new nature. It has been distilled into form and colour relationships that is an “essence“ of a compressed idea, to become a pure notation.

This notation is carefully selected into a personal shorthand of balance (form) and contrast (colour), in a deliberate autonomous protocol.

Both form and colour work as separate binary elements.

The elements of the geometric forms, open or closed, fold in or edge off the picture plane. Their spacial depth is also dual and can be transposed as forward or inversed.

The chromatic values of colour and their staging stand between umbra and lucidity, shadow and highlight. The colour is tested, adjusted and refined in the application. Built up of semi transparent glazed layers for a solid yet delicate surface.

The emotional combination of the colour and form reflects a synthesis of a singular tranquillity and an emotional attitude.

The binary switches acting within the works open up a gateway into an enigmatic world of geometric code, space, light and colour.

“What appears fixed and stable is in fact only a situation in flux. I can only capture a moment of singularity in an understanding of perception. As from any standpoint, there is a viewpoint. This is therefore my endeavour to record what has been seen from my given place.“